One of the hardest things about parenting is discipline.

Encouraging children to listen and cooperate is important...but how do you build self-discipline, that magical quality where children know what's right and will remain focused, honest, and respectful when no one is watching

You offer freedom with limits. 

This is the discipline model used for over a century in Montessori classrooms for a quiet, focused group of 30 young children.  And you can use the very same techniques at home. 

Imagine having limits that work for your family and space, with a plan for exactly what to say, how to enforce your limits, and what to do when your child pushes back. 

This 100% online mini course works with YOUR schedule

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You'll learn:

  • How your children are searching for limits now, and recognizing the time to step in

  • Common discipline styles that hinder your child's self-discipline, responsibility, and independence

  • How to remain kind but also firm when setting limits

  • Why time-out, punishment, and rewards don't work long-term

  • Tools for handing tantrums in the most helpful way

Workshop Overview

The 3 steps to Freedom within Limits

  • Create Helpful Limits

    We'll start by considering what your children are capable of, what they need at this age, and how to structure limits that work.

  • Prepare Your Space

    Next, we'll walk through ways your environment can make setting limits automatic and easy.

  • Enforce the Limits

    Finally, we'll review exactly how to enforce these limits while remaining kind AND firm.

Bonus Materials

All parents who join this course will also have access to these bonus materials:

  • Helpful Catchphrases for Parents

    35 tried and true phrases to remain kind and firm while setting limits.

  • Tantrums Guide

    Navigating a tantrum with grace is no easy task...until now. This PDF from our Parent Pages offers a step by step guide for strong emotional storms.

Meet your Guide

  • Leanne Gray

    Mindful Parent Guide

    Leanne Gray

    Leanne Gray, M.ED started The Prepared Environment to offer parents honest, practical advice about guiding young children and creating a supportive environment in their own home. Her work is to help children develop a strong sense of self, be confident in their abilities, and have the skills to act on their ideas at home and at school.

Stop wondering how to respond

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