What makes Montessori so different...

and how can I do this at home?

This is not an easy answer to find, especially if you’re brand new to the idea.  Montessori at home looks MUCH different than a classroom setting, so it’s easy to get confused.  

You may be wondering:

Do I need Montessori materials in my home?  

What about activities, do I need to teach lessons? 

What age can I start? 

Is this a parenting philosophy?

If Montessori is all about choices and independence, how do I get my child to behave? 

It includes an overview of the Montessori method, the universal principles that you can take from a classroom setting into your home, and three steps to creating a Montessori prepared environment, no matter where you are. 

By the end of the course, you’ll not only have answers, you’ll know if this style of parenting is something you’d like to adapt for yourself.

No, really. It's free.

This crashcourse is a complete, self-paced online program with resources, a discussion group, PDF references, and activities. It’s easily a $45 value, but I’m offering it for free. I want everyone to understand this evidence-based, respectful method of raising children, and make it as easy as possible for them to do so.


In this crashcourse you'll learn...

  • The 8 universal principles of any Montessori space

  • How to apply these universal principles and bring Montessori into your own home

  • The secret to a Montessori home

  • How to craft a daily routine that works in under 10 minutes

  • The most influential aspect of an environment, which can change any space immediately

  • If Montessori is a good fit for your family (or not)

  • 3 easy steps to get started

This course also includes:

  • Private discussion group

    Connect with like-minded parents on a similar Montessori journey, ask questions, and get real-life support.

  • Helpful Catchphrases

    Our popular cheat sheet for what to say in common tricky situations, with love and kindness.

  • Key Elements of a Prepared Space

    What to include and how to arrange a space for your child, birth to 9 years old. All on a one page PDF.

  • What can my child do on her own?

    A PDF guide for age-appropriate independent activities and responsibilities.

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Meet Your Guide

  • Leanne Gray

    Mindful Parent Guide

    Leanne Gray

    Leanne Gray, M.ED started The Prepared Environment to offer parents honest, practical advice about guiding young children and creating a supportive environment in their own home. Her work is to help children develop a strong sense of self, be confident in their abilities, and have the skills to act on their ideas at home and at school.